Records of London’s Livery Companies Online

A new database, Records of London’s Livery Companies Online: Apprentices and Freemen, 1400-1900 (ROLLCO), has been launched.

ROLLCO is a freely available online database of livery company membership records over five centuries. It contains the Freedom and apprenticeship records of The Clothworkers’, Drapers’ and Goldsmiths’ Companies and will by 2013 include those of The Mercers’ Company. It is hoped that in time, ROLLCO will include more livery companies’ records.

ROLLCO is an important new resource for those interested in the history of London and its past inhabitants, be they apprentices, Freemen or masters.  It has been designed to allow simple and advanced searches for named individuals and aggregate searches to identify trends in membership over time – catering to genealogists and historians alike.