FT Sept 2015 cover

Family Tree magazine September 2015

Family Tree September 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’re encouraging you to take those first steps with your family history, or if you’re a little further along in your journey, ways in which you can keep going! Also inside this issue… online trees; 1915 crew lists; copyright law; digitising family photos; archive film; childhood and birth order; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Get started, keep going! Follow in Chris Paton’s expert footsteps and start your genealogy journey today. What

FT August 2015

Family Tree magazine August 2015

Family Tree August 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’re inspiring you to reach out to your cousins worldwide, to make new connections and see your tree bloom as a result! Also inside this issue… Ancestry’s DNA test; Royal Navy in WWI; copyright law; dating photo mounts; oral history; Jacobites; pocket contents; semaphore; Great War women; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Simple steps to connect with your cousins worldwide! Discover how to unearth new facts, photos and family stories –

Blogging for family history

Blogging for family history

In the August issue of Family Tree, we have a fantastic article all about how to grow a bigger, better family tree, with genealogist and family history blogger Chris Paton exploring how collateral lines and cousin collaboration can boost our own research. In the article Chris reveals how a blog can be an excellent way to connect with cousins worldwide, ‘If there is one way to really foster links with others, it is to place the research that we have already established onto a website to act as “cousin bait”. The theory is that when others trawl the net to find

FT July

Family Tree magazine July 2015

Family Tree July 2015 is on sale now! Discover how to tell your ancestors’ stories with our essential guide to writing your family history – it’s easier than you think! Also inside this issue… 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain; genealogy & identity; sailors’ wills; ‘women’s issues’; the Hanseatic League; Lord Lyon King of Arms; the great British seaside; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Glimpses of the past Begin writing your family history by following these four easy steps. Identifying

FT June 2015

Family Tree magazine June 2015

Family Tree June 2015 is on sale now! With major anniversaries for Waterloo and Magna Carta this year, now is an inspiring time for a new family history research challenge and we have all the expert guidance you need. For the adventurous among us we have possible sources to help track down your medieval ancestors; and if you think you might have a soldier forebear involved in the Battle of Waterloo now’s the time to find out for sure. Also this issue… UKBMD updates; lost records; archive volunteers; heraldry; Salvation Army records; medieval fashions; WW1 music; lion queens; your stories;

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The Genealogist's InternetAbout The Genealogist’s Internet 5th Edition
The Genealogist’s Internet is a comprehensive guide to the enormous range of resources available online to help both the beginner and the experienced genealogist research their family history. This book not only explores the most useful sources but helps readers to navigate each one, with updated URLs and all the recent developments in online genealogy including blogging, podcasts, forums and mailing lists.

Whether you want to put your family tree online, find distant relatives or access the numerous genealogical web forums, discussion groups and mailing lists, The Genealogist’s Internet 5th Edition is a must-have. To find out more, see our review on page 68 of the August issue, out now.

ISBN: 9781408159576. RRP £16.99. Published by Bloomsbury and available to buy on Amazon, the author’s website (www.spub.co.uk), The National Archives and www.acblack.co.uk. Family Tree BMD Wheel available to buy (£3.70 incl p&p) from www.familyhistorybookshop.co.uk or call 0845 5190 228.

Reviews of previous edition:
Everyone who uses a computer for genealogical research should have this book. Society of Genealogists

This book should be compulsory reading for every family historian with internet access. Family History News & Digest

It’s hard to imagine a more compendious or useful book for the intelligent beginner or the established family historian. Highly recommended. Amazon


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