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Family Tree magazine November 2015

Family Tree November 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’re smashing brickwalls and tracing lost ancestors with our expert genealogy problem-solving guide! Also inside this issue… FamilySearch; The Gazette; Deceased Online; old handwriting; slavery; Catholic ancestors; FFHS; textile workers; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Brickwalls & lost ancestors We kick off a fantastic new six-part series on problem-solving for family historians. Get to grips with FamilySearch How to get the best out of this pioneer website. 350 years of history

Family Tree October

Family Tree magazine October 2015

Family Tree October 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’ll show you how to fast-track your family history and benefit from skills, strategies and genealogy expertise gained over many years! Also inside this issue… Quarter Sessions; Agincourt; Gay relatives; family photos; saving oral history; Cornwall’s Jews; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Pick up expert tips! Fast-track your family history research by avoiding the common pitfalls, as genealogist Chris Paton shares his hard-won tips, skills and strategies. Finding your ancestors in the

FT Sept 2015 cover

Family Tree magazine September 2015

Family Tree September 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’re encouraging you to take those first steps with your family history, or if you’re a little further along in your journey, ways in which you can keep going! Also inside this issue… online trees; 1915 crew lists; copyright law; digitising family photos; archive film; childhood and birth order; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Get started, keep going! Follow in Chris Paton’s expert footsteps and start your genealogy journey today. What

FT August 2015

Family Tree magazine August 2015

Family Tree August 2015 is on sale now! This issue we’re inspiring you to reach out to your cousins worldwide, to make new connections and see your tree bloom as a result! Also inside this issue… Ancestry’s DNA test; Royal Navy in WWI; copyright law; dating photo mounts; oral history; Jacobites; pocket contents; semaphore; Great War women; your stories; & much, much more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist! You can download the digital edition right now – click here! Simple steps to connect with your cousins worldwide! Discover how to unearth new facts, photos and family stories –

Blogging for family history

Blogging for family history

In the August issue of Family Tree, we have a fantastic article all about how to grow a bigger, better family tree, with genealogist and family history blogger Chris Paton exploring how collateral lines and cousin collaboration can boost our own research. In the article Chris reveals how a blog can be an excellent way to connect with cousins worldwide, ‘If there is one way to really foster links with others, it is to place the research that we have already established onto a website to act as “cousin bait”. The theory is that when others trawl the net to find

Family Tree magazine August 2013

Family Tree August 2013Family Tree August 2013 is on sale now, packed with tips and tricks that bring eternal hope in the search for your forebears. Also inside this issue… common census questions answered; trace your medical family tree; protecting your research; what military medals reveal; using wills & probate inventories; baby wear fashions; Jewish ancestors; pilots; your stories; & more… Plus, free digital data for every reader!

You can download the digital edition right now – click here!

Brickwalls & eternal hope Don’t let a brickwall put you off your research.
Solutions to census pitfalls Can’t find an ancestor in the census? We explore answers to commonly asked census questions.
What ailed your ancestors? Trace your family health history and identify potential health risks.
Keep your genealogy research safe How to future-proof your family history research.
Medal records Find out more about your soldier ancestor’s medals to connect with their military service.
Wills In the penultimate instalment of our beginners’ series, we show how wills can help you grow your family tree.
Free digital data Get access to free records via our exclusive family tree search site.

Those Magnificent Men – we take a look at early aviators and mark the 100th anniversary of the death of pioneer pilot Samuel Franklin Cody.
Picturing baby – Jayne Shrimpton tells the story of a century of baby wear and family photographs.
A sense of place – continuing our practical guide to writing your family history, we offer tips to capture the atmosphere of the past.
A royal wedding – we uncover a newsreel report of a royal wedding between the wars.
Researching Jewish ancestors – discover the traditions and restrictions that shaped the lives
of your Jewish ancestors.
Inspecting inventories – probate inventories provide a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors who lived and died in England and Wales.
Twiglets – diary of a family tree first-timer.
Thoughts on… Diane Lindsay enjoys hours of innocent mirth with artisan ancestors…

Regulars: Genealogy news; Dear Tom – genealogical miscellany; Your Q&A, plus photo-dating & military advice; Reviews of the latest books, CDs & apps; Mailbox – your letters; Diary dates.

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