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Photo-dating with Jayne Shrimpton

Every issue family history photo-dating expert Jayne Shrimpton casts her knowledgeable eye over pictures that Family Tree readers have sent in. Unfortunately we do receive a huge number of photo-dating queries, and just can’t squeeze them all into Family Tree, so please find an extra Family Tree reader’s photos and Jayne’s insightful answer below. You never know – the clues she gives may help you date family pictures of your own. Enjoy!


Q I have obtained a copy of a rather unusual old picture in the form of a collection of portraits (probably from cameos or miniatures), arranged around a larger central one. These people relate to my maternal ancestors connected to my Gooch family of Suffolk and Cornwall. Could you suggest a date range for the person in the large central image from his dress style and appearance? I attach an enhanced copy of this image and a copy of the entire group. Comments about any of the other images in the group would also be appreciated.
George Waller

A This is a ‘composite’ portrait – a collection of separate portraits displayed together in the one picture. This sort of work, published, for example, by stationers, was popular especially in the later 18th and 19th centuries, when it was fashionable to collect likenesses of figures from history. Typically these would be famous personalities, but presumably it was also possible to have a composite picture made of one’s ancestors.

The different portraits in this composite picture range in date from the early-1500s/Tudor period (eg No.4) to the later 1700s (eg No.1). The evidence of dress and hairstyle indicates that the larger central portrait is from the 1640s or 1650s – the era of the Civil War in Britain. Presumably that gentleman is the focal subject of this collection and may hold the key to the identities of all the other subjects.

Celebrating 30 years of family history

Family Tree November 2014Today is a very special day. Our November 2014 issue has gone on sale, marking 30 years of Family Tree. Happy birthday to us and thank you to all of you lovely readers for your loyal support!

Family Tree has a unique history as it was Britain’s first commercially available hobby magazine for family historians and genealogists, so a real trail-blazer. Family Tree Magazine, as it was then known, made its debut in November 1984, after being put together by Michael and Mary Armstrong on a dining-room table in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire using a Brother typewriter.

Today Family Tree remains the UK’s only independent magazine sold in the newstrade for family historians and genealogists. Run by a small team who are passionate about family history, we are still based in the little town of Ramsey but have a worldwide readership.

We’re hugely proud of our roots and feel honoured to still be supporting family historians with their (and our!) much-loved genealogy pursuits. [Read more...]

Celebrate 30 years of Family Tree with an English Heritage hamper

Luxury Heritage HamperFamily Tree celebrates its 30th birthday with the November issue, on sale now. As a thank you to all our loyal readers, we’ve rustled up some fantastic giveaways, which you will find on pages 60 and 61 of the magazine. Top prize is a luxury heritage hamper worth £60 from English Heritage. To be in with a chance of winning the hamper, complete the form below! [Read more...]

Exclusive subscriber offers

As a print or digital subscriber to Family Tree you can enter exclusive competitions and take advantage of special offers just for you. If you’re not yet a subscriber, take advantage of this issue’s great subscriber offer – click here to find out more!

Bumper giveawayIn the November issue we have a fantastic bumper family history kit worth over £45 up for grabs! One lucky winner will receive:

  • a Genfile family history filing system starter pack
  • a handy magnifying sheet
  • a BMD calculator wheel
  • a Family Tree magazine binder
  • Birth, Marriage & Death Records by David Annal & Audrey Collins
  • Breverton’s First World War Curiosities by Terry Breverton
  • And a 30th birthday Family Tree mug for those all important teas and coffees.

This competition is open until 1 January 2015. Full details on how to enter are on page 40 of your magazine. Good luck! [Read more...]

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