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Nevis-Holtby-chartIn the October issue we have the following offers – further details can be found on page 36 of your magazine:

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Family Tree magazine October 2014

Family Tree October 2014Family Tree October 2014 is on sale now! Learn to love your brickwalls with our expert know-how! Also inside this issue… the four-day family history plan that works; trace elusive deaths; census behind the scenes; put your tree online; title deeds; WW1 fashion; propaganda; your stories; & more… Plus, free access to selected records at TheGenealogist!

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Love your brickwalls: discover why you should! Learn to embrace and overcome brickwalls with our essential guide.
A month of Mondays Transform your research with our four-day family history plan that really works!
The census: behind the scenes… Take a fascinating look at the trials and tribulations of early census enumerators tasked with recording the households of our Victorian forebears.
Missing, presumed dead Track down the ancestors whose deaths have eluded you.
Putting your tree online Improve your chances of discovering new cousins and breaking down brickwalls by uploading your family tree online.
Understanding title deeds In this issue’s documents workshop, we explain how to get the best out of title deeds.
Britain prepares Discover how Britain mobilised for war on 5 August 1914.
The wartime wardrobe Jayne Shrimpton highlights the world of 1940s fashion and reminds us how resourceful women became during the austere war years.

The dark world of propaganda – how the dark world of propaganda affected the lives of our WW2 families.
Visiting the battlefields of the Second World War – get expert advice from tour pioneers Tonie and Valmai Holt.
Land of opportunity – get clued up about the Family Tree-sponsored Society for One-Place Studies’ first international conference.
A nautical passion – in ‘Research Zone’, we meet the man behind ‘Benjidog’, a growing resource for those researching Merchant Navy forebears.
From tanks to treaties – our A-Z of WW1 film series continues.
Military Medal records of WW1 – discover these newly-released records uniquely on TheGenealogist.
Twiglets – catch up with the latest adventures of our tree-tracing diarist Gill Shaw.
Thoughts on…   Diane Lindsay goes back to school.
Free records to search! Family Tree readers can view selected records free of charge directly from

Regulars: Genealogy news; Dear Tom – genealogical miscellany; Your Q&A, including photo-dating & military advice; Reviews of the latest books, CDs & apps; Mailbox – your letters; Diary dates.

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From the Family Tree archives

Family Tree is celebrating its 30th birthday this year! With the November 2014 issue Family Tree will be 30 years old and by some margin the oldest national family history magazine published in Britain. Michael Armstrong, the founder of Family Tree, has been delving into the archives, recalling some of the treasures we’ve published, many of which were sent in by our readers over the years…

In our September-October issue 1985 there appeared this tongue-in cheek piece headed ‘Social Climbers’ submitted by Ted Armstrong, who along with his wife Judith formed the Armstrong Clan Association after the moon landing by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

We were working on our family tree when a visitor asked us what we were doing. He was very interested when we said our family originated from Scotland.

‘What a coincidence!’ he said. ‘So do mine.’

The family name he told us was McBean but when they left Scotland they dropped the first part of the name and became known as Bean. His family story fascinated us.

The Beans emigrated to many parts of the world, one going to Peru in the export business. The family are still there – the Lima Beans.

Another member of the family became a mercenary for a Polish count in 1774, stayed on in Warsaw, and started a family line that still exists today. Perhaps you have heard of the Pole Beans.

Then there is the German branch, famous for their elegant cars, the Mercedes Beans. One of this group was slow witted, and only five feet tall, they called him Heinz – the half-baked Bean.

Great-Great-Uncle Angus settled in Mexico to make a fortune in chilli con carne. However, as he couldn’t stand the hot Mexican weather, he moved to Alaska. We refer to that lot as the Chilli Beans.

Another branch was formed when a Bean married into a Chinese family with an hereditary lung defect. They later moved to Brazil and became known as the Brazilian Coughee Beans. One went to Hong Kong, and became known as the Soya Bean.

As in every family we have our black sheep; there was Machine Gun Bean in Chicago during the Capone era. He went to the electric chair and was so tough it took two jolts to kill him. We have our little joke about him: the Refried Bean. Refried’s brother was a pickpocket known as Bean Dip. He had an ugly wife, the Bean Bag, and many kids, the Bean Sprouts.

Cedric Bean went to Oxford University and was known as Old Bean but later hit on hard times and became a real Has-Bean. It was once falsely rumoured that he founded the Beano Comic. He had a very fat wife known as the Broad Bean.

Uncle George went into medicine, made his name as a Renal specialist and was often called Kidney Bean. He had a son who became an athlete, Runner Bean.

Each year we have a Bean feast, which our remarkable family always try to attend, even the French Beans, their name is Legume. Their branch is related to Toulouse Lautrec, the Dwarf Beans.

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