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So you want to trace your family history, but haven’t a clue where to begin? In this section of our website you can read our bitesize guides to getting started in family history. For more hints and tips from the experts, or to get a better understanding of all the records and resources available, both online and in the archives, don’t forget to read Family Tree every issue!

To get you going, we have put together some handy charts and interview sheets. Download these now and you’ll be well on your way with starting your family tree.

The Family Tree ‘How to start your family history’ guide is packed with useful information, websites and addresses: How_to_start_Family_History

Our great selection of charts will help you keep track of your notes and display your family history: Family_Record_sheet – Pedigree_chart – Fan_pedigree_chart. Use the Family Record sheet to record the details you discover about your ancestors’ lives, including dates, places and sources for each event you discover. Sources are necessary for verifying your family history. They not only provide a record for you of where you found the information, but also prove the accuracy of your research (something that’s important if you wish to share your tree with other people).

Consider printing copies of the family tree charts for your relatives too, and ask them to fill in details and further handy leads that they might know.

Living relations are at the heart of genealogy, but sometimes it can be hard to know what questions to ask or how to start the conversation. We hope these handy interview sheets will help to break the ice. Interview your relatives – sheet 1 – Interview your relatives – sheet 2 – Interview your relatives – sheet 3 – Interview your relatives – sheet 4 – Interview your relatives – sheet 5 – Interview your relatives – sheet 6

If you have ever wondered how you are related to someone else who shares a common ancestor, take a look at our handy relationship calendar.

Bitesize family history

Don’t forget, you can read the other getting started guides on Family Tree‘s website, and for more detailed expert advice, read Family Tree magazine every issue! You can download our latest issue right now! Family Tree is available as a digital edition – visit, the App StoreGoogle Play or Amazon Appstore. Single issues, back issues and subscriptions are available for PC, Mac, eReaders, smartphones and tablets. A free sample is also available for all devices.

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