Helen Helen Tovey
My main role is working with the authors and readers so that every issue of Family Tree is chock full of fascinating family history topics – if there’s anything you’d like to see in the mag, just drop me a line.

Top family history tip: Your family tree is likely to be full of surprises (good and bad) – enjoy the story that unfolds and remember it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry!

Karen Karen Clare
Assistant Editor
I help compile, sub-edit and produce Family Tree, in particular the book reviews and diary dates pages, and generally keep the team’s caffeine quota up with regular rounds of tea! I also help with general enquiries and especially love trawling museum and image library websites for some of the wonderful archive images that you see in the mag.

Top family history tip: Once you’ve found your ancestors on the census, check out the old family home using Google Maps with Street View at http://maps.google.co.uk/streetview. Even if the property is no longer standing, or the land has been built upon, surviving neighbouring houses may give you an idea of what their home was like. I viewed my great-grandparents’ terrace this way and was astonished at how many children they’d squeezed into their humble little abode!

Belinda Belinda Griffin
Web Editor
I try to keep in touch with all our lovely readers on Twitter and Facebook and keep the website up to date. I’m also responsible for putting the interactive features into our digital edition. Although our magazine focuses on the past, it’s up to me to keep it moving with the 21st century!

Top family history tip: When visiting any archive, plan your day well in advance to maximise the time available. Book a desk or film reader and order as many documents as possible before you get there.

Sally Sally Stray

I take the text and pictures and turn them into the appealing, user-friendly features that you see in the magazine.

Top family history tip: Always order certificates directly from the General Register Office (GRO), rather than through a third party. Some commercial companies charge up to three times more than the GRO.

Natalie Natalie Woodbridge
General Manager & Advertising
I have overall responsibility for making sure everyone has the tools and information they need to get the magazine to the printers on time and then into the shops on time. Along with the directors I make decisions on distribution, pricing and marketing. So, I suppose, the buck tends to stop here! I also look after the advertising sales for both new and existing customers in the magazine.

Top family history tip: Write everything down! I only recently started researching my family history, but when I came back to it after a break I couldn’t remember where I found some of the information. Thankfully Family Tree has some great advice on keeping your research organised.

Publishing Directors
Darren Marriott
Helen Marriott

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