How to trace your ancestors' graves


04 May 2018
When we're researching our family history, visiting an ancestor's grave is an important and moving trip to make. Celia Heritage gives tips on reading gravestones to find every last clue about your family's final resting places
How to trace your ancestors' graves Images

In the June issue of Family Tree expert genealogist Celia Heritage provides an indepth guide to how to trace your ancestor's final resting places.

Explaining the many record collections that can inform your search and the numerous useful websites, she shows you how to piece together the documentary evidence.

Once at the graveyard, Celia Heritage continues to provide essential advice to help you on your quest, with tips on how to read the details on time-worn and damaged memorials.

So that you can see more clearly the detail of the inscriptions, as illustrated in the June issue, we're including the photographs here for you to zoom in and study.

Get the guide!

To read Celia Heritage's expert guide to 'Cemetery & Graveyard Research', click here to buy the June issue of Family Tree, available in print and as a digital issue.

Professional genealogist Celia Heritage runs The Heritage Family History e-Course, an in-depth, online course aimed at those with English and Welsh ancestors. She is the author of Tracing Your Ancestors Through Death Records and Researching and Locating your Ancestors and publishes a regular newsletter detailing family history news and web releases.

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