Family Tree Back Issues

June 2019

Whether you're seeking the story of your WW2 veterans who fought at D-Day, or tracing your tree across continents to bring your family back together again, we've got a host of advice and tales to help…

On Sale: 07 May 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2016

Discover your ancestors at the Somme, plus 12 best free websites for organised research

On Sale: 08 June 2016

Digital Edition: £4.99

June 2016

7 KEY STEPS to help solve your brick walls, top 20 questions you need to ask your relations and our handy pull-out guide

On Sale: 13 May 2016

Digital Edition: £4.99

May 2016

TOP FREE genealogy websites! Plus, discover 10 best strategies to avoid research mistakes!

On Sale: 15 April 2016

Digital Edition: £4.99

April 2016

BUMPER NEW SERIES on the vital records of births, marriages and deaths - think you know all about them? Think again!

On Sale: 18 March 2016

Digital Edition: £4.99

March 2016

SMART WAYS TO RESEARCH – learn how to uncover fresh evidence and clues to prove your family history theories!

On Sale: 19 February 2016

Digital Edition: £4.99

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